About Lisa Abernethy

Lisa teaches an interdisciplinary approach to hatha yoga. She is a 500 hour E-RYT certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. Her 500 hour certification is through an Iyengar based program, but she also holds multiple 200 hour certifications through the following disciplines. Anusara Yoga, Integrative Yoga Therapy, and Gentle Strength Yoga.

Lisa then received an advanced certification through Essential Yoga Therapy, The Essential Low Back Program certification with Robin Rothenberg in 2015. Over the course of her career she has had hundreds of hours of training with many nationally recognized teachers of various lineages.

  • Tias Little
  • Rodney Yee
  • Erich Schiffman
  • Joseph LaPaige
  • Sarah Powers
  • D. & A. Stapleton
  • D.K.V. Desikachar
  • Robin Rothenberg
  • Doug Keller
  • John Friend
  • Roger Cole
  • Lillah Schwartz
  • Betsey Downing
  • Desiree Rumbaugh

Lisa teaches public classes as well as private sessions. She has been teaching and studying yoga since 1997. She also holds a Masters Degree in Counselor Education.

About Yoga

Yoga is the ancient science of mind and body that developed out of the Indus valley in India some 5,000 years ago. The original intent of yoga was to bring us to our full potential and alleviate our suffering. Yoga cultivates the body’s capacity to relax, which dramatically reduces the negative effects of stress. Yoga works from the inside out. By slowing down movement and deepening the breath we begin to dissolve many of the tightly woven patterns of contraction that create imbalances in our bodies and minds. Slow movements allow us to access the deeper muscles and wake them up, so they can begin to do their job of stabilizing the bones.

Stretching combined with contraction, in sequence, loosens the layers of tension held in the surface muscles and opens up circulation in those areas. We then have more space and freedom within our bodies and minds. Most of us are accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for answers and fulfillment. With the consistent practice of yoga we begin a more inward holistic way of living life. We begin to breathe more deeply and move our bodies more organically. As a result we become more peaceful inside, and more in touch with who we really are.


Hatha Yoga

Anusara Yoga

Integrative Yoga Therapy

Gentle Strength Yoga

Schedule & Locations

Dunedin Health and Wellness Center
Tuesday / 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM $10.00 walk in per class 75 min. 1000 Bass Blvd. / Dunedin, FL, 34698 / (727) 736-3961
Yoga Village
Monday / 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM $15.00 walk in per class 90 min. 2760 Daniel St. / Clearwater, FL 33761 / (727) 712-1475
Tuesday / 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM $15.00 walk in per class 90 min. 2760 Daniel St. / Clearwater, FL 33761 / (727) 712-1475
Wednesday / 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM $15.00 walk in per class 90 min. 2760 Daniel St. / Clearwater, FL 33761 / (727) 712-1475
Thursday / 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM $15.00 walk in per class 75 min. 2760 Daniel St. / Clearwater, FL 33761 / (727) 712-1475
Private Yoga
Single Private Session $60 60 min. Private classes can be arranged in your home or through Dunedin Health and Wellness Center - 1000 Bass Blvd. Dunedin, FL, 34698 (727) 736-3961.
Two or More Private Session $75 60 min. Private classes can be arranged in your home or through Dunedin Health and Wellness Center - 1000 Bass Blvd. Dunedin, FL, 34698 (727) 736-3961.


  • I deeply appreciate the manner in which Lisa designs and leads her classes. Each class is like going to therapy. She begins class by drawing your attention inward and from that space weaves yogic wisdom and encourages mindfulness as she awakens the body through the practice of yoga postures. Her classes are both subtle and rigorous. Lisa guides others with grace allowing the body, mind and spirit to come into true alignment!

    Davonne E. Smith

    Regular Student

  • The reason that Lisa's classes usually have a wait list is because she is an exquisite yoga teacher. Her devotion to the work and care for her students make her classes interesting, inspiring and in demand. I've studied with some of the most "famous" yoga teachers around the world. I crave practicing with Lisa and am so bummed when I can't make it to her class. Lisa has worked with me and my family in a private class format and she is brilliant at helping students of all levels comfortable and confident.

    Shivan S. Sarna

    Regular Student

  • I have been taking classes from Lisa since 2011. The transformation of my body physically, mentally and spiritually is truly amazing to me. I accredit that to the "gift" Lisa brings to class each and every day "herself and her passion for yoga and skills as an instructor". She begins each class by drawing attention inward in which you can set an intention. From there she instructs and encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through the yoga postures. She can teach to a wide range of abilities in the same class which can make yoga accessible for all. It is more than a yoga class it is more of an experience filled with absolute relaxation, challenges, rewards, and thought-provoking insight. Under Lisa's guidance my practice expanded to levels I would have never imagined possible. Her attitude is always upbeat and energy is truly infectious. I have an ocean of gratitude for all the ways that she has helped me and always wish her the best in life's journey!


    Regular Student

  • It has been my good fortune to have the opportunity to practice yoga with Lisa Abernathy a passionate and innovative teacher. Her guidance has sustained and helped me through life's journey.

    Ronda Hodasmo

    Regular Student

  • I have been doing yoga for about six years and I can honestly say that Lisa is the best yoga instructor I have ever worked with! She is an amazing person as well. She is a special spirit. I am thankful I found Lisa on my journey.

    Scotty Smith

    Regular Student

  • I have studied with Lisa Abernathy for many years. She is a skilled teacher and mentor and has a special gift for explaining correct alignment and posture in a pose that makes her students feel safe. She encourages her students to stretch and grow in their Yoga while at the same time, instilling a sense of awareness of where their bodies are on any given day. Her depth of knowledge of the body, the tenets of Yoga and the wholeness of Yoga practice is above most teacher I have studied with.

    Lois Miller

    Regular Student

  • I have been a student of Lisa’s for over fifteen years. During that time, I have benefited greatly from her devotion to the practice and teaching of yoga. It has been inspiring to witness her evolve in her teaching and her generosity of spirit. The level of preparation she brings to her classes is unmatched. I’m always amazed how she continues to offer a fresh and new approach to a 5000 year old discipline.

    Lisa’s yoga journey is her life’s journey and she is an excellent example of how to integrate the teachings of yoga into one’s daily life. With her ongoing effort to improve and perfect her personal practice of yoga, she offers a deeper meaning and understanding of each asana to her students.

    Joellen Farnham

    Regular Student


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